Payment Information

We offer 2 different payment methods on our site:

1. PayFast

Bafokke Shirts offers a payment gateway through Payfast (www.payfast.co.za), a South African based (in the true spirit of Bafokke!) online payment system.

You may pay for your shirt using a credit card, debit card or via EFT.  When you place your order on this site, you will be transported to PayFast’s (very) secure payment gateway, where you will complete your payment using your preferred method.

Please note, you have to provide your name and email address so that we and PayFast know who you are.  Of course, you will also need to provide your physical address for us to be able to deliver your shirts! (We don’t do anything weird like rent or sell your private information.)

NB! If you’re paying via EFT:  The PayFast system works by redirecting you to your own internet banking site (with your bank) where you will log in as you usually would and you will pay PayFast using the banking details they provide you with before redirecting you.  Once you’ve made the payment, click the “Verify Payment” button on the PayFast page.  Once it’s verified that your payment was successful, you will be redirected back to this website and you’ll be well on your way to receiving your own Bafokke shirt!

2. EFT/Direct Deposit

If you select EFT (not PayFast) as your payment method, it allows you to make payment in your own time, following which you need to send us proof of payment in order for your order to be confirmed.

You can make your payment into our account at any point after completing your order online, where you will be given the total amount payable. Please be advised that your order will ONLYbe confirmed once payment has been received!

Our bank details are as follows:

Account Holder: Red Giant Design Studio T/A Bafokke Shirts
Bank: FNB
Account Number: 62348769813
Branch Code: 250655
Account Type: Cheque

Once you have made payment, please send your proof of payment to info@bafokkeshirts.comand we will manually confirm your order!

How Do I Order

Ordering a Bafokke Shirt

Ordering your own Bafokke shirt couldn’t be easier! Simply click on one of the many “Order” links on the site and you will be guided through the process:

– You will choose your desired shirt size and quantity.

– You select “Checkout” and follow the prompts, entering your contact and shipping information.

– You will then be transported to our secure payment gateway (see “How do I pay?” above)

– You will make your payment

– Once your order has been confirmed, all you do is wait and you will be wearing your very own Bafokke shirt before you know it!


Problems Ordering

If you experience any problems while ordering please either go back to the Bafokke Shirts HOME Page and begin the ordering process from the start, or alternately, close and reopen your browser to www.bafokkeshirts.com. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Product Info

Our Bafokke shirts are all made from high quality 100% polyester moisture-management fabric.

They are made via a digital printing process called sublimation printing. This is a higher quality print and, unlike screen printing, has no hand feel to it and is more durable.  There is also no sacrifice regarding the breathability and comfort of shirts printed via sublimation printing.


Bafokke Shirts are all unisex and are available in the following sizes: (Next to each size is theSEAM TO SEAM ACROSS THE CHEST measurement.)

  • – EXTRA SMALL: [XS]  – 47cm
  • – SMALL: [S] – 53cm
  • – MEDIUM: [M] – 56cm
  • – LARGE: [L] – 59cm
  • – EXTRA-LARGE: [XL] – 64cm
  • – DOUBLE EXTRA-LARGE: [XXL] – 68cm

All measurements are taken from the front of the shirt. The width is measured from seam to seam across the T (chest), under the arms.

Shipping Information

Stock Availability

All shipping times are subject to stock availability. If we do not have stock of your size, we will most likely have already ordered a new batch from our manufacturer. Naturally, the delivery of your shirt may take a few extra days while we wait for new stock.

Provided we have stock of your required size, local shipping takes between 5 and 10 working days from the date your order is processed. International shipping takes between 15 and 25 working days likewise.

Delivery System

Bafokke Shirts (for now anyway) works on a per-week delivery basis. All orders placed during a week are collected and processed on the following Monday. All orders for shirts that were made during the previous week are packaged and shipped. Delivery time from this point should be +-1 week.

To limit the number of days you need to wait for your purchase, place your order at the end of the week or over the weekend. Orders placed on a Monday will be processed that following Monday.

Local Shipping Rates

Local shipping is accommodated through the South African Post Office, and the rates are standard per order. For orders up to and including 6 Tshirts, shipping is charged at R40.00. Orders larger than 6 Tshirts will be billed at R100.00. Local shipping rates as stated include packaging and handling costs and apply to orders delivered within South Africa only.

International Shipping Rates (incl. Africa)

All orders, regardless of whether they are local or international, will be charged in ZAR (South African Rands). This applies to international shipping rates. As a general rule, shipping for all international orders will be charged at ZAR80.00 per Tshirt, excluding ZAR30.00 per order handling and packaging, with a minimum shipping charge per order of ZAR150.00.

Local and international shipping rates and shipping rate options may change on short notice dependent on local and international distribution variables.

Do you do Refunds/Returns?

If you are unhappy with any shirt delivered by Bafokke shirts we will gladly refund you, minus shipping costs, provided the shirt is returned to us UNWORN and UNWASHED.

Should you need a refund on your purchase kindly contact us and we will provide you with the necessary documentation to complete the Return/ Refund Process.

Will you sell my information to those Aussie Scum??


We appreciate and value your continued support. Under no circumstances will any of the information you supply to us be sold or handed over to third parties. All personal information supplied is used for order confirmation only. To view our entire Privacy Policy please click here.

How the Bafokke do I get hold of you people?!

Contact Details

(This is where you return your shirt to if you decide you don’t like it. We are pretty sure you’re going to love it though.)

Bafokke Shirts
9 Vimy Road
Durban, 4052
South Africa

BAFOKKE Shirts Information Centre:
Contact: info@bafokkeshirts.com

The BAFOKKE Boys (The driving force behind Bafokke Shirts):

Comments/Suggestions/Constructive Criticism:
Contact:  comment@bafokkeshirts.com

Angry Aussie Supporters:
Contact:  shame@bafokkeshirts.com