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Get your hands on the most creative, most humorous fan shirt available in South Africa.

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Awesome Fabric

Our shirts are made from 100% Polyester moisture management materials. Means you can iron them and stuff!

Colour that doesn’t die!

By using sublimation print techniques, we make shirts that don't fade after a couple runs in your ma's washing mashine! Lekker, ne?

Laughs Guaranteed

We guarantee your mates will gooi a chuckle your way when they see your Bafokke shirt. It's the perfect conversation starter!

Bafokke Shirts – SA’s No. 1 Fan Shirt

The Bafokke Story

Legend has it that a patriotic South African faced a huge dilemma one day. Bafana Bafana and the Springboks were playing on the same day! He couldn't make up his mind who to support, having both a Bafana shirt and a Springbok rugby jersey. What he did was genius - He cut each of the shirts in half and sewed one half of each together. The result was the inspiration for our Bafokke Shirts.

He ended up with a shirt that was one half Bafana and one half Springbok. Proudly displayed across the front of the shirt was "BAFOKKE!"

To this man, whoever you are, we salute you!

For everybody else, do not fret, you can purchase South Africa's No. 1 fan shirt right now! With your very own Bafokke shirt, never again will you face the dilemma of having to choose between our two biggest South African sporting teams again.

Please Note: Our Bafokke shirts are NOT made by stitching one half of each shirt together. That would be ridiculous. The shirts are high quality garments made from 100% polyester moisture-management fabric.

The Bafokke Shirt

The Bafokke Shirt

South Africa’s number 1 fan shirt!  Show your patriotism and your sense of humour by purchasing your very own Bafokke shirt.

Bafokke shirts are loose-fitting unisex shirts, so it matters not whether you are man or woman, large or small. So long as you are a real Bafokke (Bafana Bafana + Springboks) supporter, this shirt is for you!

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